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NOTE:  No direct sales.  Visit your favorite FPV store to purchase.  Currently available at Pyro Drone (aka PyroFlip RC) & RaceDayQuads (RDQ)

Stock being shipped to more retailers soon.  


The JAS (Just a Switch) FPV goggle switch is more than a power switch; it is an inline power switch with a built-in power gauge for goggles requiring ZERO modification. Don't risk your warranty by opening up and modifying your expensive FPV goggles.

Benefits / Features:

  • Add On/Off switch for FPV Goggles - No need to modify your expensive goggles!.
  • Single input - Just plug in a battery (or the optional extension cable) and go!  JAS takes care of power to the goggles and fan connector.
  • Compatible with any 2s battery (w/JAS) LiPo, LiION, etc
  • Reduce stress and cyclic wear on goggle barrel jack
  • In-line with battery on strap keeping the head-tracker Bay free for LaForge or modifications necessary for the Rapidfire or Clearview Module
  • Easy install (integrated strap clip)
  • Slim and lightweight (~12g) design - bulk dependent on battery used. Unlike all-in-one case / switch designs which can be big and bulky
  • Can be used inline with extension cable & other regulators
  • Integrated Battery Indicator - helps when using batteries lacking status lights
  • on/off switch within easy reach. Unlike some other remote cable power button designs, no more reaching down looking for the switch or fumbling for the power lead on your head

Output power leads for both the main barrel and JST leads to power typical FPV goggles main power and fan. The JAS was specifically designed to be a separate switch inline with battery to be installed on the strap instead of something that would be installed in an auxiliary head tracking or Rx module bays typically found on some FPV goggles.  Having the switch inline allows the flexibility of using any 2s (LiPO, LiION, etc) 8.4v battery pack. ZERO modification to your goggles required.

For even more flexibility, add an extension cable, which allows the operator to use goggle batteries on or off the head strap (remote/in-pocket).


    • Battery Input Type/Voltage:  2S (8.4v nominal) LiPo, Lilon
    • Output voltage and Amps dependent on Input voltage
    • Input Connector:  5.5mm x 2.1mm Female Barrel Connector
    • Output Connector(s):
      • Main Power Lead -  (1) 5.5mm x 2.1mm Male Barrel Connector Pigtail/Lead
      • Fan Power Lead - One (1) JST-XH connector
    • LED(s): 4 - Blue (on) Red (Don’t fly!) Yellow (ok) Green (full charge) - Designed to monitor 2s Lipo Voltage Only. If using optional 3s-6s regulator all lights will light when pressing the status button.

IMPORTANT: 2S (8.4v nominal) Max Input.  The JAS is NOT a regulator. Output voltage is the same as Input voltage.  



  • Keep wiring neat - To keep your wiring nice & neat, thread the fan lead through the goggle strap loop which attaches to your goggles.  See pics.
  • Save time - no need to unplug the fan lead.  Keep it attached and you'll never forget to connect you fan ever again.
  • Have HD02 or other goggles that don't need a fan lead.  You can peel back the heat-shrink cover slightly and cut the fan lead off.  IMPORTANT if you do this mod: Cover the exposed wire ends to prevent shorting out your switch and/or goggles.  The other option is to unsolder the leads.  This will require you re-cover the switch using 0.75" or 20mm diameter heat-shrink.


Q1. Why have the LED status meter if my goggle battery already has one?

A1.  While some goggle batteries and enclosures do come with status lights, some packs do not.  Having power status LEDs on the JAS allows the operator to monitor their battery packs that didn't come with one.

Q2.  Is the JST cable a balance plug?

A2.  No. The JST cable only has power on the two outer wires/connectors.

Q3.  Can I use the JST cable as a balance/charge lead?

A3.  No. The JST is output only on the outer two cables to supply power to goggle fans only.  The middle JST cable is not connected to the battery.

Q4.  Can I use 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s batteries with this?

A4.  No. Only way to use batteries 3s and above will require a separate regulator. Coming soon will be a new optional regulator.  When available it will be announced.

Q5.  Do I need to disconnect the wire from the switch to the goggles?

A5.  No, the wires can be left connected.

Q6.  Can I use these with HD02?

A6.  Yes, there are a few FPV operators that use them with their HD02 to have a quick power button and use the fan switch separately.


NOTE:  No direct sales.  Visit your favorite only FPV store to purchase.  Currently available at Pyro Drone (aka PyroFlip RC) & RaceDayQuads (RDQ)

Stock being shipped to more retailers soon.